The  Open Society Web of Hans J. Niemann

Political and scientific Philosophy for the 21th century based on

the problem solving methods of

Karl R. Popper, Hans Albert, and my own efforts in this field of research

(such as books, translations, lectures, scientific articles).


The gate to several of my  Web&Wiki acitivites:


  1. Critical Rationalism Web Page

  Introduction to Critical Rationalism, Karl Popper, in 30 lectures to CR,

  my publication list,

  about my books,

  translations, lectures, scientific articles, and more



  2. The Hans Albert Web Page

  Hans Albert (*1921) is the leading German critical rationalist.

  The complete publication list, his C.V., and more about H. A.







Die Strategie der Vernunft,

Rationalität in Erkenntnis,

Metaphysik und Moral,

Braunschweig/Wiesbaden (Vieweg) 1993.

(1. Auflage)




  3. Encyclopedia of Critical Rationalism (ECR at present only in German)

  Truth, democracy, induction, falsification, probability, ...

  432 pages with about 1000 entries: concepts and arguments used by critical rationalists.

  Several thousands of intern and extern references.

  Until now available only in German: Niemann, "Lexikon des Kritischen Rationalismus" (2004)

  Lexikon der Kritischen Rationalismus, Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2004 (Studienausgabe 2006)




Die Strategie der Vernunft -

Problemlösende Vernunft,

rationale Metaphysik

und Kritisch-Rationale Ethik

2. verbesserte, erweiterte Aufl.,

306 Seiten,

Tübingen (Mohr Siebeck) 2008






Die Nutzenmaximierer - Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Vorteilsdenkens, Tübingen (Mohr Siebeck) 2011.


(meaning: The Utility Maximizers - The Resistable Rise of Selfishness)









I am also the originator of some WIKIBOOKS:


  4. WIKIBOOKS  Study Guide to the philosophy and literature of Hans Albert (at present only in German)

  You all are invited to contribute what you kow about the works and impact of Hans Albert's philosophy.

  The complete bibliography is installed, as is his intellectual C.V., and much more...

  A lot of literature might be of some interest also for those not familiar with German language.

  Originated by H. J. Niemann; until now available only in German ("Studienfuehrer Hans Albert" since Febr. 6th 2006)





See also About Hans Albert: An Entry of the Englisch edition of Wikipedia

  5. Wikibook: "Be sensible!"

  (at present only in German)

  "Sei doch vernünftig!" now as PDF-file (ca. 500 KB, licence of open documents: GNU FDL):







  6. WIKIBOOKS  Study Guide Norbert Hoerster

  to the philosophy and literature

  of Norbert Hoerster








7. The new type of WIKI projects:


Problems concerning all of us should be solved by all of us.

From questions like the one of justifying the shooting down of kidnapped airplanes

to questions of  reformulating some articles of the UN Charter.

In English. This WIKI is privately initiated, it is not yet with the Wiki Foundation.

Responsible: Dr. H. J. Niemann