Treatise on Critical Reason (Traktat über kritische Vernunft), translated by Mary Varney Rorty, Princeton (Princeton Uiniverity Press) 1985.

Translated for the first time into English, Hans Albert's Treatise on Critical Reason illuminates the so­called positivist dispute in German sociology, making available dimen­sions of an ongoing debate only one side of which has until now been presented to the English‑speaking reader through translations of the works of Habermas and Apel. Professor Albert's book, first published in 1968, and updated in 1980, approaches critical rationalism as an alternative to other philosophical standpoints dominant in Germany: the conceptions of the Frankfurt School, hermeneutical thinking as repre­sented by Gadamer, analytic philosophy, and logical empiricism. His purpose is to find a way out of the foundationalism of classical philoso­phy without failing back on the skeptical views so prevalent in today's philosophical thinking. NEWSLETTER (Fred Eidlin) Vol 2 (No 1 & 2), p. 43.