Hans Albert, Kritischer Rationalismus,  Vier Kapitel zur Kritik illusionären Denkens

Tübingen (Mohr Siebeck) 2000.

Critical Rationalism. Four Chapters on the Critique of illusionary Thinking. By Hans Albert.

This book contains a partially changed and expanded version of the Wittgenstein lectures, given by Hans Albert in the summer of 1998 at the University of Bayreuth. They served as an introduction to critical rationalism, the philosophical concept he advocates. The central theories of this concept are explained in an easily compre­hensible manner, making them accessible even to readers who have no special knowledge of this field. The same is true of the cri­tique of those concepts which are examined in the four chapters of the book. These are all concepts which are common in modern thought.

Mohr-Kurier 1/2000